June 4, 2011 (UPDATED 7/08/11)

Location: Olympia,WA

Getting there:  Take exit 95 off I-5. Follow Littlerock Road for a
few miles to the Waddell Creek Road intersection, turn right. Continue to the
next intersection, turn left onto Sherman Valley Rd, continue to the next
intersection, turn left onto C-Line gravel road. Continue a few miles up to
road C-6000 road on left. Follow until road ends at parking area.  (This sounds straight forward but it’s not.  Buy the DNR map it will help.  The dirt road numbers do not follow any order so it’s confusing)

View Capital forest in a larger map

Guide books and Maps:


GPS File

DNR Map for sale here.

The Facts: Supplied by the Evergreen Bike website.

Singletrack 40%
Fire road 60%
Paved 0%
Total trail 166 singletrack mi.
Alt. change 2050
Latitude: 46.9017563457081
Longitude: -123.018937110901


What to expect:
Current Conditions
: The trail is in great condition compare to a few weeks ago.  There was standing water in low spots but for the most part both of these trails are dried out.  One note to that statement, Mima Porter is wet if you head south from Fall Creek parking lot towards Mima Fall CG.  The mud was bad and horses have chewed it up.

If you look at our ride profile the ride looks scary.  We went complete backwards.  If you do this ride you want to ride up Mima Porter #8 to Wedekind then take Trail #30 up to Green Line #6 which will bring you down the Super D course and not up it as we did.  We also did small sections of both Mima Porter #8 and GL #6 south from Fall Creek Trail Head, without these mileage I’d would put the loop at 16 miles.

Expect a lot of single track, some clear cut riding and just a hint of fire road on this ride.  If you’ve never been here this ride should be pretty easy to follow with a good map, (DNR map).

On 6/26 we went back to ride what’s called “To Hell and Back“.  We tried this loop on 6/4 but as you read we went the wrong direction.  With the right information we had a go at it again.  The trail was almost completely dry up to Wedekind on MP#8.  Once you leave Wedekind Camp on MP#8 the trail is very over grown at times and you will come home bloody.  Directions for this ride tell you to to take trail 30 to GL#6 out of Wedekind and head west down to Hell’s Creek and back up MP#8 back to Wedekind.  I can tell you that the western end of both GL#6 and MP#8 are completely over grown.  MP#8 is actually closed and GL#6 is unpass/unfindable.

We went the opposite from what the directions said and took MP#8 out of Wedekind which would be a great ride all the way to C-Line and back to Wedekind as it’s mostly downhill and awesome riding if it weren’t for the over growth.  We descended a closed MP#8 through a clear cut to Hell’s Creek only to end up in a jungle of under growth and no sign of GL#6.  We took roads back to C-1000 and then C-line to Wedekind.

My suggestion for a great ride if MP#8 if clear or you don’t mind getting scratched up is the following:  Start at Fall Creek Campground.  MP#8 to Wedekind, follow MP#8 out of Wedekend, when you reach the “T” intersection of C-1000 and C-Line take a right and follow C-Line back to Wedekind, then take Trail #30 to GL#6, GL#6 will bring you all the way back to Fall Creek CG. (if you’re not feeling the climb up GL#6 just take MP#8 out of Wedekind headed towards Fall Creek, the way you came and then take Trail #50 to GL#6 so you can blast down the second half of the Super D run)


Local Groups/Clubs:

Ride Guide

Evergreen MTB



Get out there!

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