5/31/15, Day 37

Small Knoll to Saddle 1321.2, 7353′

Tent – Nights Spent Alone: 7

28.7, 664.6 Trip Miles

Mostly Sunny – Breezy

Day’s of Snow: 7 – Day’s of Rain: 11

# of Zero days: 5

7 am to 7:30 pm

Gila Crossings Final Total: 221
Critter Count

30 Pronghorn

3 Elk

3 Moles

3 Ground Squirrel

2 Cotton Tail



299 Pronghorn*

119 Lizards

51 Elk

31 Chipmunks

27 Deer**

24 Cotton Tail Rabbits

20 Squirrels

12 Ground Squirrels

10 Jack Rabbit***

9 Horny Roads

6 Snakes

3 Moles

3 Coyotes

2 Toads

1 Mouse

1 Skunk

1 Rattle Snake

1 Marmot****

*174 from car, **3 from car, ***1 from car, ****1 from car
Today was long. Not in miles but in perception. Being the tallest thing for as far as the eye can see makes for tough walking. The morning seems to go by slow and the miles even slower. I can’t believe I have two more days of this.

scatman portrait

Scatman on the long road.

The landscape is beautiful but the lack of change in it makes it lose its appeal quickly. It takes a rock bluff or some body of water to bring you out of your dream state. It’s a dream state that for me was as void as the landscape.

dirt road

Miles and Miles of this. (Looking north to Wind River Range)

It’s just yet another challenge this trail is throwing at me. I’m glad I’m not doing this in mid July as planned. It’s hot enough now. I can’t imagine what it’s like in July.
We met three others today. Race, Maria? And Beads all of who I met before. They are hiking north through the Great Basin. Beads is going to continue to the border if possible. Race and Maria will hitch back to Chama when they get to South Pass City. There’s a group a day in front of us headed south.

Double track

Double track for miles

We saw three elk today and moles. I added a bunch of new birds today too. I believe I’m up to 71 birds on this trip.

We attach camped with Beads on a nice saddle.  When we ran into Race and Maria I wasn’t sure I was looking at people coming towards me.  I thought I was seeing things.  I honestly don’t recall much from this day.  I’m pretty sure I just turned off my mind and walked the 28 miles in a zombie state.

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Get out there!

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