7/25/15 Day 92 Knoll M1954.7 to Fish Lake Mountain 9397′

Tent – Nights Spent Alone: 11

40, 1734.3 Trip Miles

Mostly Sunny

Day’s of Snow: 8 – Day’s of Rain: 35 – Days of Hail: 17

# of Zero days: 10

Gila Crossings Final Total:  221

Tick Count: 4 (4 more crawling on me)

Wanted List

Mountain Goat

Grizzly Bear


Black Bear

Bighorn Sheep


Mountain Lion





Critter Count

7 Squirrels

4 Chipmunks

1 Deer


1) 533 Pronghorn*

2) 383 Elk*7

3) 204 Chipmunks *5

4) 168 Deer*2

5) 152 Marmot*4

6) 120 Lizards*6

7) 116 Wild Horses

8) 82 Squirrels *9

9) 56 Ground Squirrels

10) 52 Pika

11) 46 Cotton Tail Rabbits *8

12) 30 Prairie Dogs

13) 22 Horny Roads

14) 17 Jack Rabbit*3

15) 14 Moose

16) 8 Snakes

17) 5 Coyotes

18) 5 Moles

19) 3 Porcupine

20)  2 Fox

21) 2 Rattle Snakes

22) 2 Toads

23) 1 Badger

24) 1 Mouse

25) 1 Skunk

26) 1 Weasel

*184 from car, *2 – 48 from car, *3 – 1 from car, *4 – 2 from car, *5 – 1 off trail, *6 – 1 off trail, *7 – 9 from car, *9 – 1 from car

I refused to get up this morning. I had a terrible nights sleep. I was sweaty and kept waking up. The first time I woke up I saw Andy’s headlamp on. I thought, “NO! It can’t be time to get up. Tell me it’s NOT 4:30!” (Andy said that’s when he usually gets up). Turns out he had a mouse in his tarp and it was only 1:40 am when I checked my phone.

Despite my shitty sleep I managed 40 miles today! That is my single biggest day ever. I didn’t intend to go that far. I even silently rebuffed the idea when Rafiki mentioned it during the day I caught him and Andy taking a break.

It’s weird. Because I got to camp so late I’m a bit freaked out. You see shapes at dusk and hear more. It’s like your senses go on high alert. It’s probably also the fact I haven’t spent a night alone in a long time.

The Green River valley was beautiful. Glacial waters, trails right on the edge or up a bit for a view. (An elk just called off in the distance) the rock faces surrounding the valley were huge. At mile 38 I could see back to where I had come from. It was crazy to think I came so far just on my feet and in so little time.

Today I felt bless to be out here. It was truly a great day of hiking. Let’s hope my nights sleep is as good.


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Get out there!

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