07.11.12 Day 11
Fairbanks to Tatlanika Trading Co. and RV Park
79 miles, 590.65 trip miles
11.1 avg mph, 35.2 max
7:05:23 ride time All pavement
Lots of sun and WIND. 70’s
Days of rain: 4

Another night on the couch at Dave and Jill’s. Night two was not as comfortable but waking up to fried eggs and sourdough toast with OJ was pretty sweet. These guys really took care of us and to think they picked us up as strangers in a Mexican restaurant.
Dave and Jill had to “chew and screw” as the saying goes because they had to teach classes. They left use at the house and just said to lock up. We did the dishes, showered and we we’re on the road by 10:30. Our day began with a monster climb back up to HWY 3. Once there it was more up hill but this time it was not so steep, just long and gradual.
The road was a gradual roller coaster unlike the bitch I know the Dalton as. Around 1 pm I was getting hunger and we saw a sign for lodging, food and gifts. I pull in and see that it’s “Skinny Dick’s” which we heard about a few days earlier. Skinny Dick’s is unusually to say the least. There’s dollar bills all over the ceiling. They encourage swearing, harassing and pretty much anything else. The sign on the way in says.
Your are at Skinny Dick’s Halfway Inn.
We do have adult humor.
Boobs (titties)
Dicks (penis’)
Happy Bears (bears screwing)
Alcohol (booze)
Smoking (carcinogenic Toxins)
Foul Language (fuck, shit…)
And lots more.
Enter at your own risk”

They had joke penis’, boobs and other sexual items all over. Bouncing penis’, stone penis’, rubber penis’, and more. Panties hung all over and they had some pretty off color bumper stickers.
We hope to get some French Fries to go with our lunch but they did not have any. We ended up with pizza. It was quite good. As we left we saw a cyclist. He turned out to a wood carver who sold items out front. He had a Moots cross bike with disc brakes he got around on. We chatted him up a while and saw his art work.
After lunch it was more rolling hills until Nenana where we had ice cream and a soda. We checked out town which was tiny and were off. After Nenana the road was very flat (YEAH) but the wind was out of control. We had a head wind for 35 miles, all the way to camp. Mike being a stud and great guy pulled as my hip was starting to hurt again. We adjusted my seat which seemed to help some but it was hard to say as it was already hurting at that point.
The RV park is quite nice but the wind is still blowing hard. It made cooking and putting the tent up a challenge. I took a shower and now it’s bed time. Tomorrow we reach Denali National Park and will take bus tour into the park. I’m hoping for lots of Grizzlies, Dall sheep, and more.

Glove count: 19
Tie down count: 26





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