I have been lucky enough to either continue working with some of the following companies or recently gained their support for this year’s hike.  As I’m a numbers person I can say combined, along with a few other grateful individuals I have saved over $1500 on gear and supplies for this trip.

I am so grateful to these companies and individuals for their support.  Please take a moment to check them out yourselves and see what they can offer you on your next adventure.


Julbo are makers of some of the worlds best sunglasses and goggles. From baby & kids to glasses for climbing Mt. Everest they have you covered.  Base out of  the Jura Mountains of France, Julbo is 125 years old and knows a thing or two about making glasses.   I have the Dust and Pipeline models currently and love them.  Follow them at: @julbousa – Instagram, @julbo_usa – Twitter, or at Facebook



Makers of water treatment products ranging from drops to tanks that serve up 250 gallons of treated water, Aquamira has it all.  I love and use Aquamira Water Treatment Drops because their simple to use and leave no taste in my water.  I used them for my entire Long Trail and Pacific Crest Trail thru-hikes.


Superfeet has been a sponsor of mine twice now but I’ve been using them since before I even did the Appalachian Trail back in 2001.  They are the best insoles for support, comfort and durability I have tried.  If you have tired feet give them a try.  They make insoles for every type of shoe.  Follow them at: @superfeet – Instagram, @superfeet – Twitter, or at Facebook.


Outdoor Research are markers of great clothing and technical gear.  Some might say I’m biased because I worked for them at one time but the truth is I have been using OR products long before I was ever hired to work there.  Amazing clothes, customer service, and warranty policy.  If you haven’t checked them out, look past the other big names and take a look  you won’t be disappointed.  Follow them at: @outdoorresearch – Instagram, @ORGEAR – Twitter, or at Facebook.


What can I say about these guys.  Amazingly beautiful technical wool that is just great.  I have been using and loving Ibex clothes since 2005.  They have supported me many times and I’m always happy with their products and service.  Boston and Seattle friends check out their retail stories in your cities.  They have everything from outdoor technical clothes to casual and dress clothes.  Follow them at: @ibexwool – Instagram, @ibexwool – Twitter, or at Facebook.


I have used Petzl for most of my life.  I’ve tried a few other brands but I always come back.  This time Petzl’s rechargeable head lamps line brought me back.  What better way to help save the environment during my trip than to not waste tons of lithium batteries.  My new Tikka RXP is amazing.  Two lighting colors and modes to choose from, comfortable and rechargeable.  Win, Win, Win.  Follow them at: @Petzl_Official – Instagram, @petzl – Twitter, or at Facebook.




I found these guys when I was looking for a wipe that was biodegradable and had no scent.  Dude or Chic you must checkout their stuff, but also take a look at the proposal I sent them.  Only I, the Scatman would send something like this and only these guys would respond as the did.  Check it out here.  Follow them at: @dudewipes – Instagram, @dudewipes – Twitter, or at Facebook.  Get your Dude Wipes here.

Platypus logo


Platypus is a sub-company of Cascade Designs out of Seattle, WA.  They make various items to carry water or wine.  They also make filters, hydrations systems and packs to carry said water and wine.  They pretty much have everything you need in the kitchen department besides a pot and the stove.  You can get those over at MSR, another sub-compang of Cascade Designs.  Follow them at: @platypushydration – Instagram, @platyhydration – Twitter, or at Facebook.

Get out there!

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