Day 108 7-11-07 Tarp Tent 5280′
Burney Falls CG – Mile past spot with a view
24.4 miles; 1448 (55.7) total miles; 3309 trip miles
80, humid with rain showers

Deer count is 87
Marmot count is 51
Bear count is 5
Rattlesnake count is 4
Pika count is 2
!!!The Deer went for it today and scored big. They opened what seems like a winning gap over the Marmots now!!!

I attempted to sleep in but out here that means 6:30 instead of 5 AM. I got up and packed my stuff up, and went up to the store. I had a hour before it opened, so I read my magazine. Silver and Backtrack showed up right before 8 when the store opened. Their timing was perfect. I got my box and went at the task of organizing my food and repacking my pack. I had extra food, as I always do. I was tempted by the waffle you could make inside; but I refrained and ate some of my extra food.

Burney Falls

I got going around 9:15 but then went down to the base of Burney Falls. It was cool to see the water coming right out of the rock. It is quite the site. I finally hit the trail right behind Silver and Backtrack, who let me by. I saw them once more just after the Lake Britton Dam and at Rock Creek but not since. Before I got to the dam, I saw something large move then couldn’t find what it was. Then I came across the biggest buck I have ever seen. He had a huge rack and it was all felt. There were 5 others with him. Just a bit further along I saw 2 more deer. Then a shape caught my eye off to my left. It was a fox! He was like a stone. He just stood frozen watching me. I took his/her picture and then told him/her how beautiful they were. It just stood there not moving a hair. I moved on and went over the dam and proceeded to go up the wrong road. Just as I figured it out, a power electric worker came by and asked if I was all set.

It's a FOX!

I hit the trail and right up the hill in front of me was another deer. It was munching on a tree. It ran up the hillside and as I got to its spot, I saw at least 5 more. A couple were babies. I climbed to Rock Creek, where I got some water. I continued to climb about 4 miles after that. I met an older couple section hiking, Terry and Bill from San Diego. I chatted a bit then pushed on. I had lunch not too much further up the trail and they passed me back. I got to the junction where Peavine Creek was; but it was so quiet at the crossing, I missed it. I stopped just up the way because now I could hear it. I went back and filled up since there is no on trail water for 15.3 miles. As I was getting ready to go, Terry and Bill caught up. I yelled to them where and how to get the water and was off. It was raining now and I was actually getting wet. I went under some crackling power lines and then climbed to the base of Red Mountains. The trail through here was super overgrown and since it had been raining off an on all the brush was wet. I was soaked in no time.
I got back into the woods and ran into another couple who had stopped for the night. We spoke a bit then I pushed on. There were so many roads today I lost track of where I was; but the sun had come out and I stopped right on the trail and cooked dinner at 6 PM. My shirt and shorts dried for the most part, but my shoes are soaked. I figured out where I was in the Data Book and knew if I wanted to do 25 I needed to push on. At one point along a ridge, I got the most incredible picture of the mountains to the west. There were about 8 ridge lines and the closest were bright blue, and as they went back, each one got lighter. It was amazing! I continued on that ridge, then had to climb around a hilltop before gaining the ridge again. I got to a place on the ridge where I could see Mt. Shasta and the sunset so I made camp. About the time I was done setting up, a low cloud cover came rolling in and blocked my sunset. I did get a few breaks and got a few pictures; but it could have been much better. It’s a sweet camp spot and hopefully in the AM, I will have clear skies, cooler temps, and a view. Today while hiking in the rain, it became clear to me how easily the wet can sour your mood. Even though it’s only rained 3 times in 76 days, it still dampens the spirits fast.

Scatman 2011- This day had the usually highs and low.  Burney Falls and the views from the ridge I slept on were definitely highs, while getting soaked in the overgrowth was the big low of the day.  I took it all in stride and put the miles in.  See all the deer kept the day exciting.  I was always looking for the next one it seemed and they continued to not disappoint.

The fox was amazing.  It had a HUGE! tail and just stood frozen the whole time I watched it.  It was such a beautiful animal.  There were a lot of wild flowers today as well.



Get out there!

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