Day 134 8-6-07 Tarp Tent 3220′
Olallie Lake, Camp Ten CG – Crater Creek
36 miles; 2089.1 (75.46) total miles; 3958.8 trip miles
70-80 sunny, overcast for the am
Days camped alone 19

Critter Tour General Category
Deer count is 122
Marmot count is 53
Elk count is 23
Pika count is 8
Bear count is 7
Rattlesnake count is 6
Badger count is 1

I actually got up when my alarm went off! Well, not exactly right away but within 10 minutes of the alarm. Scott was up too which was good. I didn’t want to have to kick him to wake him up. I packed my bag while Scott cooked us some eggs. I put my on a spare bagel I had and added some salsa. It was good but needed some bacon, which Scott forgot. It was quite chilly and the sky to the west looked dark. I wondered if it might rain for the second time of the trip.

Work of the Mule Skinners

We weighed my pack and it was 16 pounds without food or water (31 with). We got in the van and were out of camp pretty fast. I hoped to be hiking by 7 AM and I was by 10 of 7. Scott dropped me off right at the trail. He took some video of me and wished me luck. It was hard leaving someone I knew again. He had to drive home only to leave again that night for Utah! To say the least I am very grateful he made the long drive down to just spend part of one day with me.

One of many lakes along my path

My hike started with an easy climb but was made even easier due to the work done by the Oregon Mule Skinners, who maintains that section of trail. This section of trail had to be the single nicest trail I have ever had the pleasure of hiking on. They had removed all the rocks and it was smooth. It went on like that for miles too. It was amazing the work they put into the trail. Thank you Mule Skinners!

Scatman ripping it up!

About 3/4’s the way up the climb, I looked up and saw what appeared to be a mini dirt bike. Sure enough it was. It was a Warrior Motorcycle USA, so it said on the side. This thing was cheap up cool at the same time. There was a perfect stump right in front of it so I set up my camera and took a bunch of pictures of me pretending to be riding it. I had a great time.

Good I am on the PCT still...

I passed Jude lake and Russ Lake Trail on my way to Lemiti Creek, where I had a Swiss Roll I took from Scott. A bunch of Gray Jays joined me but I didn’t share with them. I climbed once again but it wasn’t a bad one. Once to the peak of the climb, I had a 7.8 mile downhill to Warm Springs River. I couldn’t make it all the way to the river, so I stopped at a dirt road about 5 minutes before it and had my lunch. I enjoyed another Swiss Roll and a Coke I had packed out with me.

Crater Creek

After lunch I climbed once more but this time it had some bite. Near the top I met a family of 3 and their dog. They filled me in on the trail ahead and I did the same for them. Once to the east slope of Summit Butte, it was downhill again for 6.1 miles. I reached Oak Grove Fork Clackamas River around 5:30 already had 30 miles down. I got water for dinner and kept moving. I passed by 4 horseman headed south just before Skyline Road 42.

Bridge over Crater Creek

After the road I approached Timothy Lake where I skirted the east side. I was looking for spots to stop the whole time and at one point found one but I kept going. After a little bit, I decided to go back since nothing else was showing up. When I got there, it wasnt as good as I thought so I headed north again. I passed many good spots but I had mentally decided to just go to Crater Creek 4 miles up. Even though I decided this, I stopped to look at two more spots. I was torn because I needed to eat and do my journal which was behind but the terrain way so easy I couldn’t stop.

I finally got to the creek at 7:10 PM. So I had done 36 miles in 12 hours including breaks! That’s easy walking. I cooked and then cleaned up. I also made some calls since I had cell reception. Bed came soon after.

Scatman 2011- I could have sworn this day was 37.1 miles but it was only 36, my second longest day of the trip.  The bummer was the next 4 miles were almost all flat and if I had hiked them I would have gotten my 40 mile day.  The desire to keep up with my journal and eat forced me to stop for the night.  The day as a whole was easy and I enjoyed the hiking.  The trail was great, though lack much in the way of views.  I was pretty tired when I stopped and it was almost 8:30 pm when I finally ate my dinner.  In hindsight I should have eaten at 6 pm along the lake and then kept hiking.  I would do this a lot in the end of my trip.  No need to waste day light.



Get out there!

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