PCT 2007 Day 17

Stage 17 / 4-11-07
MacKerricher – Anchor Bay Campground (CG)
59.42 miles; 958.43 total miles; 11.6 mph avg.; 5:04 hours
Scattered showers low 50’s, sun broke at 4 PM

I woke up to rain some time in the wee hours of the morning. It was coming down. My tent has one issue, it puddles rain on the roof down near my feet. As a result it sags down towards my sleeping bag. Also, since my tent is made of nylon, it sags in general with any type of moisture. The second time I checked the puddle, it was almost touching my bag. I pushed it off but little did I know a bunch came in the tent and went under my sleeping pad. Luckily my down bag didn’t get wet. The tent itself was sagging so much I actually had to raise the pole to take up the slack. It rained until about 7 when I got up.

As I packed, it appeared it was going to clear like it had the last two days. Alas I was wrong! It started to rain within the first 5 minutes. It would rain off and on until noon. What really blew was I had to put my wet tent, pad, and shoes inside my bag with the dry stuff. I was hoping to dry them out along the ride.

The stage itself was a roller. No major climbs, a good day for the sprinters. The day started off on a bike trail that took me from the CG to Fort Brag and onto 101. Other than taking a short detour onto Lansing St. to Main in Mendocino, the whole day was on 101. Early in the day I caught and passed Phil & Paulie. We chatted some and I found out it was Paulie’s birthday. By noon I had 30 miles or so in and had a great lunch at the Greenwood Cafe in Elk. I got to sit next to the fire and warm up. I also dried some of my clothes I was wearing.

By the time I left I was convinced it wasn’t going to clear so I was thinking of getting a hotel for the night. When I got to the campground, I got a weather report for the team director (my dad) and decided since the hotels in the area were too expensive I would chance it. The report calls for showers from 4-6 AM; then sun all day.

My campsite is next to a sea wall and currently the mighty Pacific is about 100′ from my tarp. I can see lots of stars and the surf is very loud. The campground itself is in a little valley. As you ride the coast you go along following the shore; but when a river or stream comes from inland, there’s always a valley. Every time you turn to the left, inland, zig zag down, then you hit bottom and there’s a hair pin corner to the right, and you climb back out toward the ocean. I’m camped in one of those valleys.

Today my right shoulder/back was numbing up. It has never happened before. I hope it’s gone tomorrow. My back is always tired from the riding and never having support in camp.

I have to say I liked Oregon better so far. There were more campgrounds and places to stay in general along the route. Another bummer about CG’s in California is they charge you for showers. They’re free in Oregon!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s sun.

Glove count is 21.

Scatman 2011-  The camp ground I stayed at was small and I was the only tent in the place but it was very cool.  It was very cool going to sleep to the sound of the ocean.  I’m reminded that I want to go camp on the beach this year.


Get out there!

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