PCT 2007 Day 52

Day 52 / 5-16-07
Sawrthout Canyon Road – Angeles Crest Highway 2
22.1 miles; 369.5 total miles (12); 2205.1 trip miles
70-80, sunny, no shade
Calorie Intake:

270 Coco Crispies w/ powder milk; 290 Snickers Marathon; 240 Payday Pro; 170 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut; 140 Tiger’s Milk bar; 270 Cliffbar Builders Bar; 240 Pringles; 290 Plain Bagel; 285 Peanut Butter; 200 Toast and Peanut Butter Crackers; 270 Cliffbar Builders Bar; 200 Toast and Peanut Butter Crackers; 100 Gu; 170 Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut; Cokes (2); 12″ pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage); Garlic bread

We all woke up to damp sleeping bags in the AM.   I was first to leave. I shortly found the water cache we were looking for last night. I signed the book and tackled the climb.

I stopped each hour to snack and during my third break, Craig came around the corner just as I had came back from getting my solar panel from the sun.   He scared the crap out of me. I hadn’t expected him to catch me yet.

We moved on together and had lunch on top of Blue Ridge at 8115′.   We dried out our sleeping bags and charged our solar panels in the sun.   We each did some medical work on our feet.   I drained the blister that was on the underside of my foot and one on the tip of a toe.

As we were about to leave Blue Sky and Vortex showed up.   They were out of water and looking tired.   Neither of us had much water; but we shared what we had.   We all got going together and hiked in a group. We came around one corner and spooked a doe. Shortly later we got to Guffy CG, but only after we climbed the steepest climb of the trail.   It was worse than what you find on the AT.   There was supposed to be water 150′ downhill. Craig and I found the water and Vortex came down once we did.   It was the coldest clearest water of the trail. Since it was coming out of a pipe from the ground I didn’t bother to treat it.   I carried my pack all the way down to the spring and had a climb like the one before the CG.   From here we on had 4.9 miles to go to Rt. 2.   We had some climbs along the way but it was mostly downhill which was nice.   We passed along the edge of Mountain High Ski Resort on our descent and had beautiful views to the east.

We met a pair of men and some kids at the parking lot who were very interested in knowing about our hike and the trail. They chatted with us for a half hour or so.

I can say draining my blisters was a good idea.   My foot felt much better on the descent down to the highway.   I just hope it doesn’t come back.

Our ride showed up and she was driving a 1962 Dodge pickup. We all piled in and it was off to Mile High Pizza.   I got two Cokes, 12″ pizza w/ pepperoni, mushroom and sausage and some garlic bread. It was so good.   I finished all but two pieces of pizza.  The lady, Carol, who gave us the ride is picking us up at noon to give us a ride back up to the trail.

After dinner we called a trail angel who agreed to put us up in her home.   She showed up in her pj’s.   She swore she was just ready for bed and we didn’t wake her.   Once back to her house, we showered and relaxed.   We’ll do laundry here tomorrow and then go to town to do errands before we head back to the trail. It’s good to be clean and know my clothes will be clean soon as well.   It might be a little warm in here tonight but at least there won’t be any bugs.

Scatman 2011- The climb today was a beast.  I Remember it going on and on.  There was a lot of exposure too, well in the sense there was few trees.  I enjoyed hiking with my new group and the banter was fun.  Funny I don’t remember the blisters at this point.

Carol who let us stay at here house was great.  She basically opened her whole home to us.  Laundry, showers, breakfast and internet.  She even left us alone in the house in the morning because she had a long drive to her mothers and left before we were done.  She told use to just lock up and have a great trip.  So kind.



Get out there!

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