Appalachian Trail Day 139- Rangeley - Poplar Ridge Lean-to

Appalachian Trail Day 139

Day 139, 07-16-01

Rangeley – Poplar Ridge Lean-to

10.7 miles, AT  – 1958.8

Day of Rain 33

I woke up to a noisy room.  Burn was all fired up and talking very loud.  I had real milk and Frosted Flakes.  Oh, we had OJ and donuts too.  Getting out of town was another project.  Knatty’s friends drove us out to the trailhead.

Appalachian Trail Day 139- Rangeley - Poplar Ridge Lean-to

I passed a lot of people on the way out of the woods.  Again it rained on me.  I was able to get some views on Saddleback before the clouds moved in.  The hiking was great.  I was above tree line and the plant life was amazing.  Being above tree line is like another world.  I walked above tree line for a while then it was down to camp.  There is over 30 people at the shelter.  I luckily got into the shelter.

Speedy, Crash and Burn are not here.  I think they stayed at the next shelter back.  We have a mouse running around.  Let’s hope he doesn’t get into anyones food.

Scatman 2011-This whole section of the trail is confusing me 10 years later.  So many names to remember.  I feel like a need a data book to look at so I can keep it all straight.  A data book contains distances, water and shelter locations and more.  It doesn’t help I have little to know pictures since I broke my camera.  I do get my dads cameral at some point but the lack of photos to prod my mind makes it tough.  I keep getting ahead of where we’re really at in the journal in my head.  Hopefully you’re all enjoying it all the same.



Get out there!

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  1. Capt. Knatty
    Capt. Knatty says:

    Also fun to read your AT RETROspec Scatman. I remember little from most of Maine- I was home. I had stopped writing tothe General, taking photos and made little phone calls (unless it was to the Secretary)
    Love that it’s coming to an end!!! Stay safe brother

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