PCT 2007 Day 76

Day 76 / 6-9-07 Hotel
Bullfrog Lake Junction – Independence
9 miles;   total miles ( ) trip miles
60 in mountains, 80’s in town

We got up at 6 AM or so and got moving pretty fast since we all knew we were going into town. We climbed a short way and reached Bullfrog Lake, which was quite large compared to some lakes we’ve seen. Next we passed the Kearsarge Lakes and we ascended up to Kearsarge Pass at 11,845′.

Ed, Wounded Knee, UB, and I all hung out at the pass before starting the long descent to the Onion Valley Trailhead. Mr. D was on a tear and went by us all because he really wanted to get out of the woods.

When we got to the trail head our only goal was trying to find a ride to town. Wounded Knee and UB went off towards the campground to ask around and then Ed went towards the day hikers parking lot and I was left alone. After a short while I went looking for UB and Wounded Knee. I found them chowing down on food and Cokes. They had chatted upp some college outdoor class who had way too much food. Meanwhile Ed and Mr. D got us a ride. The car was small and after some creative organizing, we fit 6 people and 4 packs in the front of a Pontiac SunFire or something. As we left we saw Ghost and Kythlyn, who had met their friend. I got out and rode with them.

It was 10 miles of sweet downhill, which Ghost’s friend rode on her bike while we drove. We got to town around 10:30 and quickly got a room at the Court House House Motel.

Scatman 2011- Though we had to exit the Sierra for more food I wanted to stay.  Unfortunately I also didn’t want to carry two weeks worth of food to make it to VVR, which was the next place to get food.  An uninterrupted hike through would have been wonderful.  The Sierra is the longest section of trail without a road through it.  It’s something like 200+ miles.  We would also be losing UB once again as she was visiting family.

Kearsarge Lakes and Pass were quite a sight.  Though as I descend off the Pass I loathed how much elevation we lost.  It meant hiking back up with a full pack in a day or two.



Get out there!

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