5/27/15, Day 3 – cowboy camp

Well to South Uhl Draw
24.7, 63.6 Trip Miles

Mostly Sunnt, 80’s Windy 

6:50 to 8:20 pm

Critter Count

4 Lizrads

1 Horny Toad

1 Jack Rabbit


14 Lizrads

6 Horny Roads

2 Jack Rabbit

1 snake

Today was HOT and long. I figured out the foot issue. Laces were too tight. Feet still hurt but are much better. 

I slept much better than the first night. The wind barriers I made worked great but the condensation  in the morning was terrible and my sleeping bag and tarp were both very wet. I left camp early which meant that I hiked until the first water cache by myself with Lumber behind me. At the cache I ran into Beads and Lion heart. 



Both Lumber and 2w caught me at the cache as I dried my gear. The three of us would leap frog each other a few times during the day. I left Lumber and 2w at Hwy. 113. Lumber strolled in to the wash with his head lap on as I talk on the phone to my folks. He’s camped just up the wash. 



Today was easier hiking than the first two days but much warmer. The sun was intense. I think my lips are burnt or just wind burned. They sting a bit. 


My emotions were much better as my feet weren’t killing me all day. The rock gardens we hike through tested me both physically and mentally. This trail is rough. I know I’ve said that already but you have to know it’s REALLY rough. 

Super windy night!  I was tested more than a few times this day with navigation.  There was a few washes and open spaces that challenged me and took some time to figure out.  Towards the end of the day Beads, Lion Heart and I were all in the same open space, each taking our own path.  A great lesson in hiking your own hike as they say.  We all ended up in the same wash.

It was really good to talk to my folks for the first time during the hike.  I could tell they were excited to hear from me.  I was happy they made it home safe after dropping me off. 

The stars were amazing to look at in the wash I slept in despite the first signs of civilization in the form of light pollution from Lordsburg.

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