Day 2

Unnamed Wash to Well
20.9, 38.9 Trip Miles

Partly Could, 50’s Very windy with Rain and thunder off and on

7:05 to 5:00 pm

Critter Count

4 Lizrads

1 Horny Toads


10 Lizrads

5 Horny Roads

1 snake

1 Jack Rabbit

Today started a bit late for my standards but I needed it. Sleep was in thirty minute spans throughout the night. I can say the stars looked amazing. The wind gusted off and on all night. It would wake me up at times.


Not long after we started the rain started. It was cold and came in sideways. We even got hailed on twice today. The morning rain was just one of many times we got wet. Between the rain it was very windy but not as cold. The sun was out t but it was in and out of fast moving clouds all day. 

The tread started as it left off last night, rough. The toes of my shoes are ripped up already. We lost the trail many times and just had to wing it. During one of these times I found a sweet cow skull with horns. 
Once we got off the side hill the hiking was better. Unfortunately my feet were already screaming at me. They would protest the rest of the day.  The tread was much better but my feet just aren’t used to the loose rocks, sand and weight. I have a few hot spots and one possible blister. It’s on the main part of my left foot behind my big toe. I’m hoping it will cool down during the night.

Mentally today was grueling. Every step was a matter of blocking out the discomfort. Just writing this is a chore as I can’t get comfortable. Being out here is amazing but it’s all work. Just cooking sitting on the ground to setting up the tarp in the wind to crawling under it with a low pitch to trying to keep the sand out of everything and the list goes on. Feeling this tried it’s all work but worth it all.

That might sound like I’m bitching or whining but only those who have done something like this can really understand just how hard it can be. Go live outside 24/7 and see how easy it is. I dare you.

We’re camped by a well that is supposed to be on a timer but I think it’s running slow or fast as it didn’t turn on when it was supposed to.  I found some old boards to block the wind and sand from getting into my tarp. I’m missing not having an enclosed tent.

I haven’t looked at a map yet just my App on my phone.

If you were willing to listen to the trail, this was a good day to learn a valuable lesson.  That lesson is that you don’t have to hike the exact CDT route but just get to Canada.  No one will fault you for not taking the side hill as I did but the instead the dirt road on the valley floor.  Unlike the PCT or AT the CDT is wild and untamed in a lot of places.  It’s okay to make your own path from point A to B.  It took me a while to accept this.

I recall the signage to be tough on this day.  Some signs were blown over from the wind and others just placed too far to see from the one you were at.  My foot and shoulders were in the most pain.

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