Most Common Mistakes Bikepackers Make

During my time both on the trail and off, I have learned that most of us can’t decide what is the best gear choices for bikepacking but most of us do make a lot of the same mistakes.

I’ve see this both in the bikepacking and hiking worlds. We all start out as novices who need both time to make mistakes and learn before we become good at anything. If you spend any amount of time in online forums you see people asking the same kind of questions you probably asked when you were preparing for your first bikepacking adventure.

There’s two key things here to consider. The first is that most people in th0se forums your searching are probably in the same boat as you. The second, I already made above. Most of them can’t agree on what gear is the best.

The point is, if you’re a new bikepacker you’re better off not asking others for gear or nutrition, but instead ask veteran bikepackers what mistakes they made when they started.

If you take the time to test different gear and do multiple shakedown rides then you’ll learned what works for you. As you learn what works for you, you’ll be gaining what I like to call Trail Confidence. The more confident you are, the better your chances you’ll have a safer, more enjoyable, and success adventure. I can stress how important gaining Trail Confidence and learning about what works for you is.

I surveyed fellow bikepackers to confirm my theory and the results of said survey are below. It’s my hope new bikepackers can learn from our mistakes and gain both some knowledge and confidence from this article.

Top 5 Most Common Bikerpacker Mistakes

  1. Poor Gear Choices
  2. Over Packing
  3. Poor Planning
  4. Navigation Issues
  5. Time Management

Scroll down for more mistakes and tips on how to avoid them.

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