Day 127 7-30-07 Tarp Tent
Minor crest saddle to lakelet – Shelter Cove Resort
28.6 (2.4) miles; 1913.8 (67.86) total miles; 3774.4 trip miles
80’s, sunny
Days camped alone 16

Deer count is 109
Marmot count is 53
Elk count is 23
Bear count is 7
Rattlesnake count is 6
Pika count is 4
Badger count is 1

I started my day with a climb and along the way up I passed a cliff that had Pikas in it. I waited and looked for them but couldn’t see them. I did, however, get a nice view of the mountain across the way.

I continued along a rocky ridge before starting a very long downhill to Summit Lake. The mosquitoes were terrible down near the lake. I hiked along the western shore of the lake until I reached Road 6010 and took it to Summit Lake campground. I got water there for the next several miles. My book indicated that the upcoming ponds/lakes had gross water.
As I climbed up the lower slopes of Diamond Peak, I passed an older couple finishing up Oregon. I scared the wife as I cleared my throat to let them know I was behind them.
I knew that around the 1900 mile mark there was a good spring. I didn’t see it so I thought with the dry conditions maybe it was dry. I proceeded to walk off trail to a snow patch and fill one of my bottles with snow. Just a few hundred feet further up the trail was the spring and it was gushing. I put Bessy in the shade and filled up a bottle with ice cold water. I didn’t treat it since it was coming out right there. As a result I had ice cold lemonade with my lunch. The couple from earlier came by and said hello. I got going shortly later and had a rolling trail for a while before it descended in earnest down to Pengra Pass. Even though the book didn’t say there was any water, the ponds I found had lots of small streams flowing. I passed tons of stagnant ponds; and as I got further down, I started to pass larger lakes. A couple of them really reminded me of Maine. The trees, shorelines covered with rocks and crystal clear water all said Maine.


I passed Midnight Lake and finally reached Pengra Pass, the exit point for Shelter Cove. I looked at my paper work and saw I could get pizza at the ski lodge at Willamette Pass just up the trail and then I would just road walk back to Shelter Cove, and maybe even get a hitch. I called Shelter Cove to see what time they closed and how late the showers and laundry were open. When I was on the phone, the lady tried telling me the pizza place wasn’t open but I didn’t follow her.

I hiked on to Willamette Pass, doing another 1.6 miles. When I got to the road, I walked on down to the lodge and it was sealed up tighter than Fort Knox. I was bummed but what the lady was trying to tell me registered. I then started my 2+ miles of road walking. Not one of the 5 cars that passed me even hesitated. I heard another Pika along the railroad tracks off to my right.

Osprey nest

I go to the resort and got myself a drink and some chips. I then made camp and cooked dinner. With dinner I had my two $3 beers. I also bought some firewood and had a fire. Since I have all day tomorrow to do laundry, shower and pack, I saved it all for then. Reason being I have to wait for UPS to show up with my Aquamira.

Scatman 2011- This area of trail was like no other.  I passed so many little ponds.  Most were covered with dusty pollen and were stagnant.  They were not what you’d call inviting that’s for sure.   I imaged that if I had stopped and watched I would have seen mosquitoes hatching right before my eyes.  This ponds were clearly mosquito factories.   The highlight was the early part of the day when I hiked by Diamond Peak.  It was really pretty throughout that section.  It was also the first time I had seen that much snow in a while too.  Shelter Cove was nice but it was super pricey.  I wasn’t looking forward to wasting a day there waiting for UPS to show up. 



Get out there!

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