Day 140 8-12-07 Tarp Tent 4900′
Junction Lake – Spring, 100 yds. Past White Slamon River
25.6 miles; 2241.5 (77.46) total miles; 4108.5 trip miles
60’s, mostly overcast some rain
Day ? of rain
Days camped alone 21

Critter Tour General Category
Deer count is 126
Marmot count is 53
Elk count is 28
Slug count is 13
Pika count is 8
Bear count is 7
Rattlesnake count is 6
Badger count is 1

!!!Not letting the Slugs move closer top the podium without a fight, the Elk came out this AM and scored 5 points!!!

I woke to a dew covered tent once more. Outside was a much prettier sight. The pond had a thick mist rolling over its surface. The air had a biting chill to it as well. I packed up as quietly as I could not to disturb Jamie who was sleeping not too far away. She had let Journey out to pee and as I left Journey kept following me. Finally, she turned and raced back to Jamie’s tent.

Morning mist

Just a short distance before Deer Lake, I spooked 5 Elk, (4 cows and 1 calf). At the lake I ran into Eric D. who is attempting a Yo-Yo (Mexico-Canada-Mexico). He reached the border on the 29th of July and was headed back to Mexico. We talked for about ten minutes and he said he saw my journal online and thought it was great I had ridden to the start and was riding home as well.

I entered the Indian Heaven Wilderness sometime after Deer Lake. I passed the Lake Placid, Cultus Creek, and the Sawtooth Moutnain Trails on my way downhill to Road 24. Somewhere in there I saw my first ever Martin. He was adorable and playfully lopping around. Just past the road, I talked to a Native American family picking blueberries and huckleberries. I continued to descend and finally reached road 8851, one of 3 paved roads today.

Thick Adlers

I then went through some rolling terrain and passed Steamboat Lake. Next I hit Road 88 where I stopped for lunch. I had about 5 cyclists go by me. It made me miss my bike. I dried out my tent from all the dew and also my sleeping bag. I hoped to stay longer, but around 2 PM it started to rain off and on. I had to pack everything up, so I left.

Trout Creek was right after the road so I filled up with some water for the climbs ahead. I climbed to Road 8810. Then I went up a small knoll and back down to the same road on the other side. Road 23, another paved one, was right there as well. I had an easy climb around another knoll to Road 521, where I ran into a couple in the parking lot. His name was Trout, a trail name I assume, and hers was Annie. Trout was Sarahs (the Southbounder I met a while back) cousin.

First road in a few days

I left them and crossed Swampy Creek on my way up the last climb of the day. I confused what Eric had told me and skipped getting water there, when I should have. About ten minutes later, I heard the creek off to my right. I bushwhacked over and got some water just in case the camp spot I was going to didn’t have any. After getting water the climb got super tough. It was relentless for a bit. Finally it flattened out some and before I knew it I was at camp. It wasn’t even 6 PM and I was done for the day. I had done my 25.6 miles. It felt weird stopping so early, but it was nice to read my book and do some emails. I even got my journaling done before bed. I made a fire and once I was done eating I started it. The warmth was nice considering it has been getting pretty cold at night.

Scatman 2011- For the life of me I can’t picture where I camped this night.  I recall the events reading this entry but I’m drawing a total blank of what camp looked like.  It had been a long while since I saw so many roads.  It really breaks up the experience when you see signs of humans.  The term Catch 22 comes to mind.  When all you want is to see a road so you can hitch out there’s none and when you’re totally taken in by the beauty of the wilderness and forget about civilization a road pops up around every corner.



Get out there!

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