PCT 2007 Day 25

Stage 25 / 4-19-07
Pismo Beach – Refugio State Beach
78.79 miles; 1478.23 total miles; 13.9 mph avg.; 5:38 hours
50’s, some wind

Today was a long day but I didn’t feel it. I had 3 climbs but 2 of the 3 were very gradual, so they were not very hard. The second one on Harris Grade Road was the tough one.
For you Rubi’s reading I can only describe Harris Grade as the bastard stepchild of Lower Joe Miller Road at the Winatche Omnim. It looked just like it with the curves and steep pitches; but, it wasn’t as long or as hard. I truly enjoyed this climb today.

Most of the morning I was in farmland and flying along. It was pretty to look at but it made the miles go by fast. I had 44 miles in by 12:45 PM and I didn’t start until 8:30 AM.
Today’s stage used Rt. 1 and 101, as well as a few other secondary streets. Not to far outside Oceano, there was an alternative bike route. It appeared to cut off a big unneeded section of Rt. 1. It did but it also had a steep climb to reach 1. It was worth it.

I made stops in Guadalupe (post office) and Orcutt (bathroom and water). I had lunch in Lompoc at PJ’s Deli. The guy there let me leave my bike inside while I walk to the store for dinner.

I had planned to stop at the state beach before this one but I pushed on. I didn’t like the look of the last place much. There are 3 oil rigs off shore here. They really stand out with all their lights.

I have another trivia question (even though the last one didn’t generate any responses). After detail studying of the many passing cars, I have determined the most popular color car in California. Your choices are:
a) red
b) white
c) silver
d) black

I have also determined the most popular car, the Ford Mustang. Question #2 is what color Mustang? (It’s not the same answer as for question #1, though it is on the list). Email answers to scatman @ pocketmail.com

Glove count is 34.

Scatman 2011- Today’s route was mostly inland until the end.  This made it quite warm.  Orcutt wasn’t much more than a few buildings but I was able to get what I wanted.  When I rejoined Rt. 1 I had a killer descent to the coast.  Unfortunately the campground at the bottom wasn’t as killer.  I didn’t get the warm and fuzzes I had hoped for so I pushed on.  Refugio State Beach was a great little spot.  It had a great little stream running through it.  I was able to do some bird watching.



Get out there!

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