PCT 2007 Day 26

Stage 26 / 4-20-07
Refugio State Beach – McGrath SP
65.03 miles; 1543.26 total miles; 13.3 mph avg.; 4:52 hours
Rain in AM, clearing as day went on. Low 60’s.

I had a nice fire last night which was the second in a row. I sat and wrote a bunch of emails by the warmth of the fire. Two cats came into camp last night. They both climbed up the tree above my tent and their glowing eyes were staring down at me. I got up to get a better look and scared them off. I think they were wild.

I woke to rain at 4:58 AM. I cursed that it hadn’t started earlier in the night. I knew it would be still raining in a few hours when I was to get up. Because it was raining and I knew I had a short day, I stayed in bed until 8! Unheard of I know.

My breakfast was cooked under the dripping tree I camped under. The rain had stopped for the most part by now, though it started once I did. Lucky for me it turned out to just be a sprinkle.

I started on Rt. 101 then took Hollister Ave., Modoc Rd., and Carbillo St. through Goleta and part of Santa Barbara (SB). Carbillo St. took me to a boardwalk along the beach in SB. It was more back roads to Carpinteria and then back on to 101. I then had to get back on 1 and it was bumpy as hell. It did take me right along the bay which was nice. Once to Ventura another bike path took me along the edge of town. Just a quick few back streets and I was to camp.

When I got to camp I realized, as I ate a late lunch, I had no dinner or breakfast. During the day I had the idea I would push on to my friends Matt’s house; but after looking at the numbers (another 30 miles on top of the 60 I did), it didn’t sound appealing. I also had to figure out what items Sam had that I would need for my hike. I should be hiking by Thursday.

I didn’t see too much of any thing special today. There are lots of wild bunnies here at the CG. A camper here has an European Iguana. He’s orange instead of green like the Mexican kind you see a lot of as pets.

I’m starting to feel rain drops. It could be a long night in the tent being that it’s only quarter to eight.

When I got back to camp just now to put some items away due to the rain, I had company in the hiker/biker section. Comfortably Numb a PCT ’06 and AT alumni was there. He started in St. Augustine, Florida on March 13th and is going to San Francisco. He’s also ridden the northern part of the country as well, from Washington to Maine. I believe he said he biked around Lake Superior too.

The stars are out some now and there is a beautiful crescent moon.

Scatman 2011- This was my reintroduction to city life.  As the day went on it became more and more populated and less appealing to me. The rest of my bike trip would be less than appealing to me.  If I did it again I would stop before LA or at it.

At this point I could count the number of days and miles until I reached my goal the start of the PCT in Campo, CA.  I was excited to start the hike knowing I’d finally be doing something that others were doing as well.  Though I knew I’d miss the ocean and connivence of having stores and restaurants to stop in whenever I wanted.



Get out there!

You can check out my Appalachian Trail or Continental Divide Trail journals too!

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