Nap Time -Craig Fowler - Hayduke Trail

Hayduke Trail Section Hike Recap

Back in October of 2018 my buddy Marvin and I met for drinks in Salt Lake City. Before we met for drinks I didn't even know he lived there. I was there visiting my buddy Scott and by chance we stopped at his girl friends place in Park City.…
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Ultralite hiking - Wind River Range - Wyoming
Views on the JMT/PCT

John Muir Trail - JMT

As a side project to the One of Seven Project, I'll be thru-hiking the John Muir Trail (JMT) on August 30, 2017.  The John Muir Trail starts at the top of Mt. Whitney and ends at the Happy Isle Trailhead in Yosemite National Park.  The trail…
Bikepacking White River National Forest - Craig Fowler

What is Bikepacking?

  BIKEPACKING   There is no official definition for what bikepacking is, but the loosely accepted one is: Bikepacking is basically the combination of cycling and camping. Unlike normal touring it's generally off-road and…
Thru-hiking triple crown logo & map
Triple Crown Logo - thru-hiking - AT - PCT - CDT

What I learned from Thru-hiking

What I learned from thru-hiking hopefully will help me with my bikepacking triple crown and possibly your next hike or bikepacking adventure. My first thru-hike was the Appalachian Trail (AT) in 2001.  It took me 153 days and 10 were zero…
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One of Seven Project Press Release

January 9, 2017 For Immediate Release One of Seven Project Avid cyclist, hiker and adventurer Craig Fowler will be completing the bikepacking triple crown. The bikepacking triple crown consists of the Tour Divide 2709 miles, Colorado…
Thru-Hiking/bikepacking triple crown map w/ symbols

Triple Crown, How Did I Start ?

I'm consistently asked how I got to be a Triple Crown hiker.  Where did my love for thru-hiking and cycling come from.  I grew up in a time when kids made forts from sticks, spent hours in the woods and rode their bicycles everywhere.  I…