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The Mountain Feedbag


Test period: 1.5 years

Field Tester: Scatman

I won my Mountain Feedbag while at my first Cascade Cream Puff.  It was my reward for sitting through the longest and hottest pre-race rider meeting ever.  I didn’t use it that year since everyone knows not to try new things on race day.

Since my first CCP I have used the Mountain Feedbag many times.  I use it as much for my camera as I do for food.  It makes eating food a snap.  Everyone knows how much of a pain in the ass it is to stop and take off your hydration pack every time you want food or your camera.  We’ve all not stopped and bonked because the thought of another stop and removing your pack was too much.   The Mountain Feedbag eliminates that completely.  The long distance rider can stay in the saddle and keep a consistent pace while the everyday rider can enjoy a ride with flow.

The bag itself is small enough not to get in the way and big enough to carry plenty of fuel for your ride.  It has one main pocket with a one hand draw cord (by one hand I mean it only takes on hand to operate) and two mesh pockets on the outside.  I use the outside pockets to hold my gels, while my camera and bars go in the main pocket.

The Facts:

  • Easy access to food while riding
  • Crash/Spill-Proof – Won’t knock free from your bike or spill contents
  • 80 cubic inches of energy storage (bars,flasks,packets,secret concoctions, etc.)
  • Lightweight (64 g – 2.25 oz), durable and tough
  • Water Resistant
  • No more reaching for damp, gooey food in your jersey pocket
  • No more having to struggle or stop to reach food
  • Easy litter control in exterior mesh pocket
  • Designed and refined by a 12 Hour Solo Mountain Racer, and further refined by other endurace racers
  • Made in Oregon

Store your food inside. Stuff wrappers outside. Feeding from Mountain FeedBag is way more efficient than jersey pockets or backpacks. Feeding is easy; in fact your food is just inches from your hand! It’s great for racing AND training. -Epic Ride Research

Pros and Cons: The Pros of the Mountain Feedbag are many.  The thing I like about it the most is it’s functionality.  It simplifies your ride putting important items within reach.  It’s small and super light but what it delivers in return is huge.  Not many items can do this.  The only Con the Mountain Feedbag has is it will rub the paint off your bar and stem over time.  In my case it was in one ride, my second CCP.  It secures to your bike with Velcro straps and it’s impossible to get the straps tight enough that they won’t slide.  The result is the straps wear the paint off your components.  Not to worry, two pieces of 3m clear sticker under the contact areas will keep your components looking new.

Overall: The Mountain Feedbag is the perfect addition to any bike.  I don’t even stop to eat any more and I also take video and pictures on the fly.  It would be nice to see it come with some 3m clear stickers to protect your components but I highly recommend the Mountain Feedbag to everyday riders to the ultra marathon racer.  Whether you’re simply carrying your keys and cell phone or you’re carrying 1000’s of calories of food, the Mountain Feedbag is right for you.



Get out there!

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