Appalachian Trail Day 147 - Wilson Valley - Chairback Lean-to

Appalachian Trail Day 147

Day 147

07-24-01 Day 147

Wilson Valley – Chairback Lean-to

15.6 miles, AT 2079.6

Day of Rain 35

There was a mouse running around last night.  I was scared he was going to get into my 6 days of food.  I didn’t sleep well at all.

I got going slowly.  It was 93% humidity and about 85-90°.  Hiking was so tough.  I had to wring my shirt out every time I stopped.

Appalachian Trail Day 147 - Wilson Valley - Chairback Lean-to

I had lunch at Cloud Pond Lean-to.  It rained while we ate.  The shelter was .4 off the trail.  I saw two snakes after leaving.  There were no views or anything exciting about the day.  The humidity made visibility almost impossible.  It was so hazy.  Hiking was so tough w/ the heat.  I’ve never sweat so bad in my life.

Appalachian Trail Day 147 - Wilson Valley - Chairback Lean-to

Tonight its Weatherman, Pinky, Mortis, Jeff, Squiggy, and myself.  3 Sobos are tenting behind the shelter.

While trying to bath in the small stream near camp the 3 sobos almost caught my naked.  I had to wait to finish my bath.  After a day like this even my whores bath felt wonderful.  It made life a little nicer for a short time, until I got hot again.

Scatman 2011-  Again all I can recall is the oppressive heat.  I was surprised to see as many people as I had.  My belief was the 100 Mile Wilderness was just that, a wilderness.  I hadn’t expected so many people to be out here.  Compared to some of the wilderness on the PCT the 100 Mile doesn’t come close.  The other interesting fact about this section trail is some of the shelters were what is called “Baseball Bat” shelters.  Instead of the the deck you sleep on being flat boards it was made out of logs the size of, you guessed it, baseball bats.  They were not comfortable at all.



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