Appalachian Trail Day 152

Day 152

07-29-01 11.0 miles

Hurd Brook → Daisy Pond Lean-to

AT – 2157.0

No E.T. camping.  The bugs weren’t too bad.  We had an owl come into camp right as I started the fire.  Mortis and Jeff went to bed.  I stayed up w/ the fire.

None of us could sleep in the am.  We were up at 6am.  I got going really quick.  The view at Abol Bridge of Katahdin was great.  I got a Coke, Ring Dings, and Twisslers to eat.  A osprey went over while I ate.  Some young lady in an outfit I’d expect to see in a suburban mall showed up.  She was hot.

Jeff and I left but soon I left him behind.  The walk along the Penobscot River was a piece of cake.  There was tons of rafters.  As the trail turned North along Katahdin Stream I saw a river otter or mink.  It looked like a ferret.  Really cute.  Next I stopped by Big and Little Niagara Falls.  They looked a little like I remembered.  Little Niagara had tons of people at it.

The view at Daisy of Katahdin was breath taking. I signed in and hung out w/ dad and Mark.  We had lunch then they went to their camp and I went swimming in Katahdin’s shadow.  When dad and Mark came back they had seen a Bull Moose.  Jeff and I made them bring us to it.  It was great.  We watched him for 15 minutes.  Back at camp we ate.  I spilled a whole pot of water w/ all the garlic I’d just diced in it.  A buck came into the field next to the shelters.  He was big.  Later I saw a bunch of rabbits.  I saw a loon on Daisy and another moose (cow).  I watched the sun go down and hot it made neat colors on Katahdin.

Pinky stopped by with his folks.  He seemed very happy after his summit.  Weatherman and Shera also finished today.

Tomorrow is the big day.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  It should be a day of mixed emotions.  Either way it will be great!


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