Appalachian Trail Day 28 - Spring Mountain - Jerry's Cabin

Appalachian Trail Day 28

003-27-01 Day 28

15.3 miles, AT 287.2

7:45 AM ® 2:15 PM

Spring Mountain – Jerry Cabin Shelter

Cold morning, Cold Day 4,150 feet

Woke up cold today.  Ate like a champ!  The appetite is there.  Todays hike was good but no views.  We could see Mt. Mitchell.  Its summit is totally covered in snow.

I saw some serious bear scat today.  The bear knocked over a hug trashcan (3 foot high, 3 foot deep and 8 feet long).  Trash was everywhere.

Appalachian Trail Day 28 - Spring Mountain - Jerry's Cabin

I caught up to Gadget and Slack and Dana too (dog).  I passed 5 girls and 1 guy from the University of Minnesota and one Section hiker.  I got to talk to Agatha some today.

The shelter is nice.  A fireplace in the shelter!!!  I collected plenty of wood and some for the morning.  It should be another cold one.

Scatman 2011-  I really have not memories of this area.  Unfortunately I have only one picture from this day so no help there.  What I do remember is that it was cold.  Fires every night, snow still on the ground and I was hiking a lot with Mr. Pat, Agatha, Gadget and Slack.  I believe Gadget and Slack were from NH.



Get out there!

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