Appalachian Trail Day 97 - Wawayanda Center - Orange Turnpike

Appalachian Trail Day 97

Day 97, 06-04-01

Wawayanda Center – Orange Turnpike

20.1 miles, AT  –  1363.4  795 Feet

7:00 AM 17 PM

Another night of swatting mosquitoes.  I hit the trail to be alone and ended up with the group as usual.  We crossed into NY something around 10 AM.  Eight states down, six to go!  We saw 3 snakes today too.

Appalachian Trail Day 97 - Wawayanda Center - Orange Turnpike

New Jersey / New York State Line

Our goal was a sub shop 17 miles into our 20 miles.  I got a chicken parm, Coke, Doritos, and an Ice cream sandwich.  I didn’t have the cash so the guy said I could send him a check when I got to it.  So cool.  Upon trying to call my Mom to have her send the check, I got extremely pissed off at the pay phone outside.  It wanted me to deposit 25 cents for the first 15 minutes of a toll free call.  Go figure!  Once I got my Mom she hung up on me.  Then the next time I called after 5-10 minutes went by the phone all of a sudden just started making a busy signal and my Mom was gone.  I gave up after that.  I’ll talk to her from Bear Mountain.

Appalachian Trail Day 97 - Wawayanda Center - Orange Turnpike

My ankle, or the skin on the outside below the ball part, got all red and sore today.  I walked the .6 miles to the sub shop in my sandals.  It’s still red now.  I hope it goes away by the morning.

After dinner, we crested a climb and there sitting on a branch was a Cedar Wax Wing.  What a beautiful sight!   There was a bunch in the area as we looked around. We passed multiple lakes and ponds today that were great.  Saw my first beaver pond a few days back.

Appalachian Trail Day 97 - Wawayanda Center - Orange Turnpike

It’s no wonder it took me so long!

Right now a bug is stuck between the tent and fly.  I must get it out.  It will drive me crazy if I don’t.

I showered for the second night with Hatman’s shower.  I feel clean again.

Scatman 2011- The best part of this day was the lunch and the owner who let me send a check to pay for my food.  This is the kind of love people give along the trail.  You don’t find that in the city.  The states are beginning to fly by now.  I found it hard to believe I was already in NY, my 8th state.

I’ll probably mention it later and explain the redness on my ankle but it turns out to be bacteria in my socks.  My socks and shoes were so dirty and had some much bacteria in them that even though I was washing my socks once a week the bacteria was still there.  The redness always got better when I took off my shoes for a while.  I didn’t figure it out until someone told me I need at least new socks.  This wasn’t until Hanover, NH.  Now I change out my shoes and shoes regularly on long hikes.



Get out there!

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